An effective audit program helps organizations manage identified risk, improve performance, and demonstrate their sustainability efforts to key stakeholders. 

Audits, however, can be complex and costly to undertake, and despite large investments, many audit programs are failing to deliver sufficient value or assurance at a board and/or operational level. They often focus on symptoms rather than the underlying root causes, or on proving administrative compliance rather than mitigating business risk. The real business value of audit programs is often neither truly identified nor fully exploited.  

Unlocking greater value with greater expertise 

ERM draws on its 50-year pedigree and cutting-edge approach to help clients not only execute environmental, health, and safety (EHS), and sustainability audits effectively and efficiently, but also improve ongoing operational performance. Our approach is pragmatic yet strategic, aiming to engage leaders at all levels in an organization to deliver tangible business benefits. Our EHS and sustainability audit expertise includes:  

A partnership with ERM provides companies with an audit program that goes beyond mere administrative compliance to one that mitigates long-term risk, achieves greater organizational effectiveness, and realizes maximum business value and return on investment from EHSS activities.