Our clients face unprecedented challenges from the ‘megatrends’ stacking up environmental, health, safety and social challenges at an alarming rate. From climate change to digitalization these trends are gathering pace and attention.

ERM’s Operational Performance services are built on the belief - and experience - that great environment, health, safety and sustainability performance is fundamental to business success. We are committed to helping our clients approach these issues as a deeply integrated and recognized contributor of both ‘value’ and ‘values’.

For the last decade ERM has been steadily building the ability to advise on the performance implications of these issues, carving out the space between business and technical consulting. As the articles in this volume illustrate, we increasingly understand that integrating across disciplines unleashes enormous power, and how that power is accentuated by ever more abundant flows of data from an increasingly connected world.

In this document you will learn how ERM is turning sustainability expertise into business advice, helping clients in different sectors to find new levels of operational performance throughout their value chain, from acquisitions to capital investment from manufacturing to retail. The articles featured include:

  • HSE resource strategies in a cost constrained world by Don Lloyd
  • Redesigning the EHS function by Tom Woollard
  • How globalisation is driving resource companies to deliver sustainable benefits and manage risks locally by Caleb Wall
  • Non-technical risk, the new frontline of capital discipline by Matt Haddon
  • Understanding how product stewardship fits into an effective business strategy by Kate Sellers