As China’s chemical related regulations are continuously evolving and being updated, what is officially published can actually be out of date even before they are publicly available.  In addition the regulations are often as complex as those in the US and can make companies investing millions of US$ into China nervous of failing to comply, not being able to operate and therefore losing a lot of money.

Our Approach

In order to help companies deal with these issues a new chemical regulation support service has been established which was utilized by the team from our Chinese and Japanese clients to provide the following three solutions:

  • To extend the period of exemption negotiation with SEPA.
  • To operate in a free trade zone in order to qualify for exemption.
  • To suggest other test results in Japan to demonstrate required characteristics.

After experiencing a failed attempt from another consultancy to guide them through the complexity of regulatory compliance, Konica Minolta asked us to help them obtain necessary regulatory approvals.  We worked closely with them in order to sort out the situation and ensure they received the necessary approval for their non hazardous chemical.

Benefits and Value

We are helping clients to save a lot of time and money in avoiding lost production time and reducing the potential risk of fines or delaying operations due to lack of compliance.