ERM partners with industry to bring innovative, differentiated and performance enhancing Safety, Health and Environmental solutions, so that they can achieve a profound and sustainable difference to their people and communities.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Dynamics

There are many challenges to achieve Sustainable Safety - the term ERM uses to describe an effective, self sustaining safety management approach. 

  • Industry spends billions of dollars on improving Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance every year, in design, capital projects, construction, operation and decommissioning of their assets
  • Fatalities persist, major property loss and environmental spills continue to occur, and the drive to zero harm and loss gives smaller incremental gains (around %) with expanding resource costs (up to 25% of OpEx)
  • Major Accidents and Incidents are high profile concerns, with media and stakeholders quickly disseminating negative events affecting reputation and impacting enterprise value
  • The burden of HSE processes and programs on leaders and people within the organization result in a devaluing of safety as a compliance and paperwork tool rather than a culture of care requirement
  • The supply chain contains suppliers andcontractors that need to provide engaged, aligned and transparent performance
  • Disparate approaches to HSE result in fragmentation of the leadership message and the inability to efficiently collect and make sense of key data to allow identification and management of critical risks

ERM’s sustainability advice is tailored to our clients’ business objectives. Learn more about ERM's key approaches to Sustainable Safety and how we help our clients achieve significant and sustainable positive change in HSE performance.