Scotia Gas Networks’ (SGN) is the holding company of Scotland Gas Networks and Southern Gas Networks with a gas supply infrastructure serving 5.7 million customers stretching across Scotland and Southern England. ERM is SGN’s appointed term consultant for land portfolio management helping to assess and mitigate potential environmental risks relating to these sites.

Our Approach

As part of SGN’s commitment to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, ERM has been appointed to assist in the development of a strategy which helps SGN engage with its stakeholders - including local communities and regulatory agencies - in relation to their gas supply infrastructure sites. 

This Strategy includes:

  • Phase I (Desk Top) Studies and Phase II Intrusive Site Investigations;
  • Environmental Information Data Review and Reporting
  • Site Remediation and Gas Holder Demolition Services;
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment and Cost Benefit Analysis;
  • Stakeholder and regulatory engagement; and
  • Portfolio review services/Site Sale and Transfer Strategy Review

The Strategy enables SGN’s management team to assess the potential risks associated with more than 250 sites across the UK in line with current environmental legislation and best practice, and to develop a program of ongoing management. This includes more detailed site investigation and remediation where required.

Benefits and Value

ERM’s work has helped SGN to proactively engage with local authorities, neighboring communities and other stakeholders in an informed manner using robust technical information.

SGN has also been able to plan the management of its portfolio over the next 10 years to ensure that appropriate financial provision has been made to address potential issues such as soil and groundwater contamination associated with their sites’ previous history and to maintain its reputation for technical excellence and environmental responsibility.