Managing regulatory obligations, such as establishing compliance programs and ensuring ongoing compliance, is integral to enhancing operational risk management and protecting corporate reputation. However, with increasingly lean corporate and facility staffs, managing the myriad of regulatory requirements and risks can present a significant challenge. Facing this challenge, a confidential technology, media and telecom (TMT) client searched for an external partner to help define, design, and deploy environmental compliance programs at its more than 300 company locations across the country. That partner is ERM.

Our Approach

From our earliest discussions with the client, ERM clearly demonstrated a deep understanding of its needs and our regulatory and technology capabilities to meet and implement cost-effective solutions. Our environmental, health and safety (EHS) and digital services experts, working with a third-party software platform, developed an effective and efficient approach to address the company’s needs. It was clear from the start that communication styles and ways of work would make the ERM and the client team a great fit to deliver such a large and complex project.

By leveraging the expertise of ERM consultants for site-level environmental management and compliance, the new approach enables corporate staff to focus on higher value-added responsibilities. ERM’s technology-enabled services provide the client with confidence that its routine compliance tasks are identified, completed and tracked so corporate staff can deliver on more strategic demands.

Benefits and Value

By partnering with ERM rather than hiring more employees, the client benefits from direct access to our world-class network of locally based subject-matter experts while keeping its own operating costs in check. ERM’s methodology promotes and supports EHS compliance programs consistently across the company, and our software solution paired with dashboards provide corporate staff with clear visibility to ensure proper program oversight.

Several key attributes make this partnership work:

  • ERM performs site work safely.
  • We bring significant experience with implementing regulatory programs and software solutions.
  • Where change management is required around new technology or to better leverage front-line staff, ERM develops and provides user-focused training.
  • Our EHS experts share best practices and provide feedback to site-level and corporate personnel.
  • We facilitate consistent program implementation across 300-plus sites.
    Our team provides ongoing communications through regular calls and face-to-face updates with corporate staff.

What started in 2018 with managing universal/hazardous waste, spill prevention and chemical inventory reporting will continue into 2021 and is positioned to include air, storm water and auditing services. Through this growing relationship, we are helping the client comply with a complex web of EHS regulations while keeping its corporate staff lean and strategically focused – benefiting its business and the environment.