Titanium dioxide is found in many everyday household products, such as paints, plastics, cosmetics, sunscreens and food. Leading manufacturers and suppliers of titanium dioxide formed the Titanium Dioxide Industry Consortium (TDIC) to manage compliance with REACH, the European Union’s regulation on chemicals and their safe use.

The consortium needed legal, financial, strategic and technical support to help meet its members’ regulatory obligations. These obligations included managing the REACH registration of titanium dioxide and related manufacturing process intermediates as well as sharing data and other information with registrants of key raw materials in other consortia and Substance Information Exchange Forums.

Our Approach

TDIC turned to the market leader in EU REACH consortia management: ReachCentrum (RC), an ERM Group company. Our consortia management capabilities and skills provide a one-stop shop for full chemical registration management services. RC’s proven track record provides our clients with peace of mind for a successful REACH registration.

RC provided management services, including:

  • acting as a neutral third party for members of the consortium;
  • drafting SIEF agreements, Letters of Access and contracts with suppliers and providing legal advice on issues arising;
  • managing finances (invoices, payments, reimbursements for studies); and
  • organizing and minuting meetings.

Using our fully automatic and secure online platform, LoA Shop, potential registrants who are not members of the consortium can purchase access to TDIC’s registration data to comply with their own REACH obligations.

Benefits and Value

A smooth registration process benefits TDIC member companies by improving safety and risk management, protecting corporate and product reputation, and ensuring business continuity.

Based on TDIC’s satisfaction with our approach and results, the consortium has twice renewed our services.