We work with midstream oil and gas companies to bring sustainable solutions to their challenges, so that they can process, transport, store, and trade oil and gas for their clients.

We help midstream companies in North America succeed through our unique diversity of resources, which includes:

Capital project support

Ensuring capital projects in the pipeline and LNG sectors are completed on time and on budget is the essential goal of ERM’s capital project support effort. We combine traditional technical skills in permitting with non-traditional stakeholder engagement skills and other ERM skillsets to make this happen. ERM research documents that non-technical risk is the greatest threat to a successful project.

Operational efficiency

The rapidly changing landscape of North America’s midstream sector is creating an unprecedented buildup of both environmental compliance and safety obligations. ERM’s experience shows there is money to be saved by helping corporations reach their environmental, health and safety performance potential. Consistent with other critical business processes, our experience is that developing thoughtful approaches to these new obligations is the key to success. We categorize and simplify obligations in easy-to-track registers and build systems to manage these registers that result in real cost savings for clients.

Aging asset response

There are miles and miles of aging pipelines in North America. ERM has a unique bundle of services that our clients have found to be very valuable in addressing the challenges and reducing the risks created by aging infrastructure. We combine pipeline inspection and maintenance programs with the ability to rapidly respond to any contaminated lands. We also provide a decommissioning, decontamination and demolition team that focuses on risk mitigation and safety as key elements of successful projects.