How are climate change, demographic shifts and the war for talent affecting my business? Is my organization prepared for a future in which these issues – and many more – become critical? Is it sustainable?

According to ERM’s latest survey of 150 companies worldwide, executives are getting serious about answering these questions as mainstream investors, consumers and employees raise the bar as never before.

ERM’s survey explores how executives are anticipating the issues that will affect future business growth. Sustainability has moved beyond the academic sounding 1980s definition of ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs,’ and become much more pointed in the minds of business leaders.

As our previous research “Bridging the Gap” and joint work with Yale University have illustrated, investors are demanding better information and more accountability from companies as they make decisions, particularly around climate change. In a few short years, many expect companies to report their performance on these non-financial issues every bit as robustly as on finance.

Executives are increasingly realizing the power and importance of keeping their businesses – and their own positions – relevant as the so-called megatrends drive change in markets for capital, customers and staff alike. Many have moved beyond viewing sustainability as a niche part of a functional team and, instead, are integrating it into the heart of business decision-making.

As these ideas move from the fringes into the business mainstream the challenge for organizations is changing. Learn more about who is taking notice, integrating sustainability into wider business strategies and the many paths to sustainable business success.