Investors, customers, governments, communities, nongovernmental organizations, and employees all have different expectations, and organizations - both in the public and private sector - must proactively manage them all. 

The effect of non-technical risk to projects is increasing as society becomes more interconnected through social and global media. More and more, non-technical risks - not engineering, or other ‘technical’ factors - are becoming a key factor in a project’s success and in a company’s engagement with its customers and employees. 

ERM's approach to developing strategies for clients is simple and straightforward: we assess a client’s project, identify the stakeholders that are critical to engage, and build trust through proactive, sustained, and meaningful communication and engagement that both informs stakeholders and seeks to involve them in the process. 

We work to help clients understand and mitigate risks by maximizing stakeholders’ involvement in the process and optimizing their input, so clients can achieve the best outcome for their projects. 

The wide-ranging experience of our team allows us to work for clients in key sectors we serve, including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Power, Transportation, Mining, Manufacturing, Chemical, and Pharmaceuticals. Our offerings include:  

ERM designs customized strategic plans by assessing the specific needs of the client and the dynamics of the project setting. The services we offer are scalable and can be adjusted to suit the size and complexity of any undertaking. Recognizing that the best opportunities to engage stakeholders exist early in the process, we develop robust strategies to involve and inform stakeholders early and often and carry that effort through to completion.