With growing interest in corporate social responsibility at both a legal and public level, managing the social, political and human rights impacts of major projects and ongoing operations is no longer a discretionary activity, but an absolute necessity. 

Failure to effectively manage social performance, including human rights impacts, stakeholder engagement and political challenges, can result in major projects and business activities being delayed or derailed, and can lead to serious reputational and financial consequences. 

ERM helps clients adapt to this business reality by building productive relationships with stakeholders and by effectively managing social, human rights and political impacts, risks, and opportunities. This can include: 

Through our global network of 300+ social experts with diverse language skills, we are able to integrate and streamline a broad set of offerings, providing our clients with efficiencies and strategic approaches. 

We use our extensive technical knowledge, strong engagement skills, and transparent processes to deliver solutions to our clients that are strategic, practical, sustainable, and cost-effective, and that protect and enhance asset valueWe assist our clients to operate in a manner that respects and advances social impact, which positively contributes to their license to operate and shareholder value.