ERM established its first office in Mexico City in 1991, working for both local and multinational industries across the region. We now have an additional office in Villahermosa and over 100 professional staff.

ERM's Mexico team combines the responsiveness and local environmental knowledge of a medium-size firm with the resources of a large worldwide organization. Our Mexico operation has a strong presence and an excellent reputation in both the Mexican and international sustainability consulting community.

ERM’s Mexican operations include a mix of different disciplines including chemical, mechanical, environmental and biochemical engineers; biologists, geologists, and lawyers, among others. Our professionals have an average 10 years' experience with some having as much as 30 years, most of whom have postgraduate studies. We provide a wide range of conventional services in addition to helping in other more varied areas such as with Energy Audits, Life Cycle Assessment, Asbestos Surveys, Decontamination and Demolition of Industrial Sites, and EHS Training.

We have established good working relationships with Mexico's federal and state environmental regulatory agencies and, because of our credibility and the quality of our work, we have been successful at winning agency concurrence for our approaches to solving environmental problems within the constraints of the regulations and economics.

We are authorized to perform Environmental Impact and Risk Assessments in most of the states and also at a Federal level. We also have SEMARNAT authorization (No. 9-V-27-11) for the remediation of contaminated sites using different technologies. We are also in the process of obtaining accreditation from EMA and PROFEPA to carry out Audits under the Clean Industry (Industria Limpia) scheme. The Mexico team has also been involved in authoring of manuals in matters of industrial EHS. These manuals offer a local guide in environment, health and safety, regulations and laws, among many other subjects of businesses interest.